Gary's going to be in Philly!

Wow! Gary Burton is playing a few dates with Pat Metheny on the east coast and will be in Philly!

Check back here for details:


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Start off by playing tangos in South America, come back to the East Coast and play with Pat Methany and end it all with Chick Corea in Europe.


Tony Miceli
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I stopped by the ticket office the other day and they still didn't have them.

Gary... Can we get a heads up when the tickets are going to go on sale. Usually it's a Tuesday at that venue that they announce new shows, but which Tuesday?

thanks much!


Randy, I am informed that the promoter in Keswick just got back the signed contract earlier this week, and they should be announcing the gig and putting tickets on sale soon, probably by the first of next week. Thanks for the interest.


Thanks for checking into that. I will stop over next Tuesday just to check. It's really near my house.

So... here's a thought...

My lovely wife Marianne and I would like to open an invite the night of the concert for VibeWorkshoppers and Gary's band (and whoever may be travelling with you.. significant others or road crew) to come over and have some dinner at our house. We are only about a mile and a half from the Keswick, so it's really close.

So, just send me an email message at if you would like to join us that evening and we will hook up some good food.


Gary saw a prog last week from BBC archives you playing with Stan Getz Quartet at London School Of Economics in 1959 firstly is date correct? secondly you were playing Scrapple I think and you used only 3 mnallets 2 in left and one in right was there a reason for this because you used all four for the other tunes? it was a great gig a super band would love to know more about it. Thanks

John Daly Ireland

Hi John, That concert was sometime between 1964-66, the years I was in Stan's band, and I do remember playing there, but not much else about the concert. As for the one piece with three mallets, I can't imagine why I would have done that. Maybe I dropped a stick on the floor and didn't stop to pick it up, I have no idea.


I just stopped by the box office a few minutes ago and got tix. They are on sale now. They are already sold about halfway through the front section of the auditorium, but there are plenty good seats left because it is a good auditorium and, really, all the seats are cool. I didn't think to ask about the front row of the balcony, which can be an excellent spot, too, but I am sure there are seats up there still.

Anyway, like I said (below), anyone interested in joining us for dinner, please email me and let me know how many you are. I will wait until I have an idea of who, etc before I nail down a time. In particular, Gary & Co, if you are interested and able to join us, I can flex the timing to be whatever works for you and your travel/sound check schedule.


I ordered mine this morning. The Preferred Center section was sold out by the morning. Must have gone on sale over the weekend. I am 5 rows back on the far right. See you then!