Deagan 512 Performer for sale. But how should I price it?

I have a Deagan 512 that I just don't play anymore. I'd rather someone have it now who can really enjoy it. I played it for years and years and made some repairs on it occasionally. I'm sure it could benefit from some more TLC but it's fully playable as is. No motor, however - it broke years ago and I removed it. The 512 has pretty narrow bars (low F is 1 3/8 inches wide and high F is 1 /14 inches wide)but consequently it's lightweight and extremely portable.

I have been trying to figure out a price but it's really hard to do, so I guess I would entertain offers. If I can figure out how to post photos I will do so. And thanks for any advice you can give me on pricing.

I am in Ithaca, NY and would prefer not to go through then hassle of shipping, but would consider that.


I don't really know what a Deagan 512 w/ no motor is worth. There is one up on eBay right now at If it is what they are advertising, it only needs a belt, but that motor works.

I can tell you that buying and mounting the motor is about a $600-$700 job. Also, you don't mention cases, so I would assume that you don't have them... that's another $1000 at a minimum. So, whoever buys this from you is going to have to invest at least that to make it useful.

In general, the narrow bar axes are less valuable because they are only really good for two mallet players and we are a dying breed. I even play 4 on a lot of gigs these days.

I guess my best advice would be to call Century Mallet Instrument Repair in Chicago and have Andy or Gilberto give you an estimate on what it is worth to them. If you are unwilling to pay to have it shipped then another option would be to call Fall Creek Marimba because they are driveable from Ithaca. I only suggest Century first because they specialize in Deagans and may see more demand for your instrument than others as a result.

With cases, it would be a fun axe to have to drag to jam sessions, etc.

Thanks for your advice Randy - very helpful. I've had no trouble transporting it for years without a case, but I'm sure it would be better with one.

My two cents... So view this as a data point rather so please do some additional research.
I've seen similar vibes go for $600-$900 on Ebay etc. No motor will hurt the value some.

Are the fans still in the tubes? also what would it cost to ship to California? No cases I assume? DId you decide on a price?



Hi Joanna, How are you. What a great surprise to run into you on this site. I remember you letting me try those vibes in the 80's playing with Arthur. They are a great set. Neat to see you on this site. I had a set of 510's that I sold for $700 on craigslist about 5 or 6 years ago. I finally got a set of wide bars. Hope your well. Give me a shout

David Marchant