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This Ross is for sale within a 2 hr drive of me. The seller has not replied yet with the model number. Looks like a model 715, with 4 bar graduations. I know that the brand has been discontinued. Would appreciate any thoughts regarding the brand. Thx. . Jim


tonymiceli Fri, 10/25/2013 - 01:09

1500 is a good price. i think ross is ok. sounds a little like a musser. prob a good first instrument, but probably not so portable as the m55. you should play it and if it sounds ok, then buy it!

Vince H Fri, 10/25/2013 - 10:41

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In fact, I saw this one when fishing on Craigslist and even thought about the drive, which would be about 11 hrs for me, when I decided that 6 vibes is enough and I really didn't want to get hit over the head with a rolling pin by my loving wife, who has tolerated enough musical instruments.

This is an excellent price for a graduated bar instrument. Ross was developed by a former Musser employee. The bars on this model are the same design as the Musser pro. The frame is more sturdy than the Musser Pro. The bars may have some intonation issues, which you will have to determine when you go to listen and try it out. But unless they are terribly out of tune, you can live with that for a while and then send them off to vanderPlas, Youhass or Serna for a tuning. If it sounds good to you and plays well mechanically, it is a good value. You could probably make a small profit on resale if you decide to trade up someday. You certainly won't lose money on this. It is a much better vibe to start with than a Jenco, and in many ways the equivalent of a Musser. A two hour drive is nothing when shopping for a good deal on an instrument like the vibe, which is tough to find used.