André Juarez & Le Petit Comite on tour in Europe

Hello everybody!

I have the pleasure to announce my upcoming tour in Europe from April, 26 to May 13.
I start from Valencia, Spain, with a masterclass at Berklee College of Music, as part of an exchange program with my fellow vibraphonist and friend Victor Mendoza, and hope to play in Barcelona, Paris and Berlin.

I am currently in the process of booking gigs and workshops in several countries according to the following schedule:

April 26: Madrid
April 27-29: Valencia
April 30: Barcelona
May 1-5: Berlin
May 6 - 8: Lyon
May 9 - 11: Paris
May 12: Brussels
May 13: Antwerp

If you work in a music school, I would be more than happy to offer a workshop followed by a concert for your Jazz and Percussion students.

I have taught the vibraphone in a Brazilian Faculty of Music for over a decade and I have my own teaching method. This workshop will allow your students to discover a different repertoire, and to have a different perspective on the vibraphone.

A few background elements about my career:
I grew up in a family with many musicians. My father is a popular Brazilian orchestra conductor, my mother is a classical pianist, my grandfather used to be a marimba player, and I live for music 24/7. I am a Berklee College of Music graduate and I later performed in Japan, the USA, Europe and Latin America.

I will be touring Europe with Le Petit comité, a quintet which recently celebrated 10 years of existence and whose repertoire is influenced by 1970s jazz-rock, funk and Brazilian popular tunes.

This 2014 European tour will also give me an opportunity to introduce your students with my latest album, "Vintage", a project that "comes off brilliantly" according to Gary Burton.

The following links will give you a taste of Le Petit Comité with two videos filmed during live performances in Sao Paulo :

A Linguagem do Alunte, originally written by the Novos Baianos (Brazilian rock band):

and my version of I Wish, by Stevie Wonder:

To hear more songs, you are welcome to visit my website :
Under "Ouvir" (Hear, in Portuguese) you will find two other pieces by Le Petit Comité.

If you are interested in booking a masterclass or a show, please contact my producer Julie Remy at:

About my workshop:

I talk about the vibraphone, its history, mallet techniques and I illustrate my point with various Jazz and Brazilian music examples. The workshop includes stretching exercises, technical exercises, a description of the instrument characteristics, a demonstration of various playing styles, and an introduction to the most influential players. I also include my own repertoire, based on my research Vibraphone Solo, which includes compositions by great Brazilian composers such as Hermeto Pascoal, Egberto Gismonti, and Eliane Elias. I also work with Bach transcriptions and Brazilian popular music, including Brazilian chorinho.

I only need a CD player, a computer with a projector, a blackboard, and of course, a vibraphone!

André Juarez

Andre is a great brazilian player! i saw him in concert at the patagonia perc fest. he was the highlight of the week.

I know Andre from quite a while back and he's a terrific player and a great guy ,
so if anyone can think of any opportunities to help him out please do...