New Vibraphone Book

Hi all,
Hope everyone had a good summer. I was on sabbatical from the University of Cincinnati last semester and finished a vibraphone method book. It focuses on building technique and creating ideas for improvisation. If anyone is interested there is a link below.

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Hi Rusty, will the book available in traditional format (paper) ? If yes, when and how to purchase ?
Thanks for the answer

At this point its just going to just be digital, because it has a fair amount of video embedded. I just didn't think it was worth adding a dvd to a paper book when dvd drives and players are being phased out. That might change, but for the moment we chose to go this path. I know its certainly not what some people prefer. Thanks for your interest.

Later this year I'll buy a new computer, the memory of my old one is getting full. Then I'll see againg the oportunity of buying your book which I'm sure is interesting, since the way you play is very great !

Thanks Babu. Just so you know its not a large file.