New recording by Samba Jazz Syndicate - Rusty Burge

The band actually changed its name to Brasilia, but there were some videos posted here a while back of a live concert (Double Rainbow, Triste, etc) when the band was called Samba Jazz Syndicate. The recording features some beautiful Brazilian tunes like Cafe com Pao and Na IIha De Lia, No Barco De Rosa (On Lia's Island, In Rosa's Boat)…and great guitarist Bruno Mangueria. Also, a tune of mine (Fresh Biscuits) which is not Brazilian.

If interested below are links to iTunes and also my sound cloud that has some samples of the cd.
Best, Rusty

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Yeah, Rusty, nice sounding band. Is the CD released yet?


Thanks for listening Ted. Its available for download on iTunes or hard copies at cdbaby.

Samples sands grrreat! Those fresh biscuits included!! ;-)
All the best to the new born! :o)

i bought the cd. it's great!

Marie and Tony...many thanks for listening!