Good Vibes February 2021

Hi Everyone,
I hope you are all well and taking care to stay that way.
February's Good Vibes is coming up soon (7th and 10th). It's a varied, eclectic show of jazz standards ("If You Could See Me Now") and new compositions ("Thanks, But No Thanks") traditionalists ("If I Were A Bell") and modern ("Aamos"), all tied together by our favorite instrument.
Let's not forget a half-hour of Where Jazz Goes - The Rolling Stones, Sting and Lennon/McCartney compositions, for example.
Check out my website for more info. I occasionally blog there, I have a section for my photography, and another for my book Jazz verse in the key of jazz.
If you have a request for Good Vibes you can let me know there.

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Good Vibes February is a great time for New Ideas for Supporting the Arts.