Gary Burton, Sept. 27th at the World Cafe in Philly - Who's Going?

Anyone going to see Gary play on the 27th?? Maybe we get one big table??
If you are going leave a comment below, maybe we can get a count.

Here's info on tickets:

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if a bunch of us come out, maybe you have a moment after the concert for a group VW photo???

Sure, I always enjoy meeting the folks from the Vibesworkshop, so if you're up for coming on Sept 27, I'll definitely see you there.


I hope we can get a crowd. I think Harvey Price at University of Delaware is going to try and get some students.

Who else is coming????

Are you going to fly over Marie??

I will not even answer to this!! Pff!! ;-)
Have fun guys and thanks again Gary for your commitment, contribution and kindness! :o)
- M
ps: please come to Paris sometime!!!

Hi Marie, I'll be playing in Paris with Chick Corea in April, along with dates in four other French cities. So see you then.


Ouah ! Do you already know what French cities ? For sure I'll be on the nearest show for me !
Goood news :o) !!!!

Mulhouse, Amiens, Cenon, Paris, plus Luxemburg, Brussels, Geneva, Luzern. All in mid-April. Exact dates will be posted on my web site soon.

I'm going to plan as soon I'll know the dates. I think Geneva, Cenon or Paris. Maybe a vibesworkshoppers group will assist... :o)

If you finally have to travel and are ready to do so, why not Paris?! ;-)
Let's wait for the dates!
- M

Geneva March 11
Cenon April 12
Amiens April 16
Paris April 17
Brussels April 19.

Even before it's mentioned on your website! Wow!! Thanks a lot!! :o)
By luck do you know the venue in Paris?

Chick and I will be playing at Salle Pleyel in Paris. I played the old Salle Pleyel in 1967 with my first band. This is a different hall now, a new version. I played this one a few years ago with Richard Galliano. So, maybe I'll see you there. - Gary

How cool!! I'll do my very best to be there!! Thanks!! :o)

Gary any plans to come to Ireland soon, last saw you at Cork Jazz Festival with Richard Galliano a wonderful gig.


This was a post for Philly area people to see who was coming to Gary's Gig! But instead it was over run by the rest of the world.

Any body going to the Philly concert?

Yes! I definetely want to go. I just got the new Downbeat which has Gary Burton on the cover. But I haven't read it yet. I'm glad I saw this here!

and I love Julian Lage too! It would be really great to see these guys play.

I first heard him here about a year ago.