I would like to have some of this in my playing - Valerie Naranjo

She's totally bad ass!

I love her left hand and the independence. I think this might be where the next 4 mallet giant comes from. maybe the vibes are neither a piano or guitar but instead a Gyil!!!

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this is very interesting because this is an instrument that is designed pretty much around 'hands separate'. Sometimes they join together, much of the time they don't, it seems to me. That means a few things right? I can limit what you play rhythmically. Probably not a lot of 64th notes, right? If the hands are separate?

But I wish I had this independence. It would totally change how I play the instrument!

Wow! That is pretty incredible! I can't believe how she plays different things with each hand!

Check out the grip, it's between the index and middle finger. --Sort of like half of the Burton Grip. I don't know about 'world percussion', but certainly in western percussion, a similar grip with one mallet in each hand is rarely, if ever used. Am I wrong about this?

For those members who don't know of Valerie's work she can be seen standing all the way at the right rear side of the Saturday Night Live band and if you catch the Lion King in NYC on Broadway I believe she's still in the orchestra. I first saw her playing amazing marimba in the early 80's - what a talent.

she is amazing!