Behn Gillece's new album "Top Shelf" is out!

Hi everyone,

I just got copies of my new album today, "Top Shelf." Here is a link of Ken Fowser and I discussing this project:

I'm really excited about this new recording! It features a great band with Michael Dease on trombone, Steve Einerson on piano, Dezron Douglas on bass, Rodney Green on drums, and co-led with Ken Fowser on tenor saxophone. I have audio clips on my website,

If you're interested in buying a copy, there's a few ways you can do this. The best way to support is to buy it directly from my website, or from vibes workshop Shop section. If you don't like to use PayPal, you can contact me and we can work something else out. Selling physical copies helps us raise funds for future projects better!

However, if downloading is more practical, I totally understand! It will be available on all the normal sites April 17th (Itunes, Cdbaby, etc.)

Thank you all so much!


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Those samples sound great!! It also look you had fun with serious people! ;-)
All the best to you Behn!! :o)

I'm trying to post again. I saw your site and ALL the music is great. I already have Little Echo and will probably be ordering some others very soon. The video above was funny. You guys have a lot of fun together. That's great


The other 2 cds I bought from my visit in delaware are great! I listen to them all the time!!!!!

Hey Behn,
Are you going to be playing at Makeda's in New Brunswick on May 2? If so, I will be there!
It's not on their calendar but I know I read it somewhere. I've got a new column coming out in the New Jersey Jazz Society monthly magazine (as of May) called On The Road. I will be covering different venues in and around NJ, your gig will be the third or fourth in my series.

If any of you have upcoming gigs in the NJ/PA area (not NYC), let me know. Depending on my schedule, maybe I can get to it to report on it for the mag.


Hey Gloria! Yes, I'll be at Makeda on Thursday, May 2nd at 7:30pm to 10:30pm. I'm glad you'll be able to make it out! It's been awhile! Hope you're doing well!