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I just purchased a very nice M75 from a guy in town. I tried it out with and without dampening and it sounded great.

So we break it down, and I drive it home, and assemble it back together.
The dampening on the lower octave is poor, no dampening; the higher register is OK and so far no issues.
I've fiddled with the dampening controls and took out the bars, placed them back in, along with the frame pieces. At least 3 times. Still the dampening is almost non existent on the lower register.

Is there any advice someone can give on how to resolve the uneven dampening? The felt pad looks pretty good, so I don't know if it's the spring assembly or what. I tried getting PDF of the M75 manual from Musser (online) but it's apparently not there on their website.

Is there some other product that I can consider as a replacement for the dampening pad? Or maybe it should be "thicker"??

Thank you for your help,



tonymiceli Fri, 04/05/2013 - 09:10

It did work fine, right? So the problem is after you brought it home? Is your floor uneven?can you tell if the dampen bar is crooked?

also sometimes if its only one or two notes, you can hammer the posts down a little bit and that brings the bars down and make the dampening better.

But I think when we go find this message you will get good answers. There were a few other guys are a total five gigs here like Randy Sutton, hopefully they will respond.

rfrench5 Fri, 04/05/2013 - 15:36

Thank you Tony,

The problem was that I had not properly adjusted the little felt washer and metal washer underneath the spring mechanism in the dampening bar. I was twisting the washers the wrong way, which was pushing (unnaturally) the spring upwards.

I began twisting it the correct way and saw immediately the dampening bar begin to rise correctly and easily. So, it just took some more experimentation, as with everything.