Joe Hands Over the Vanderplas Balieo 3.5 Octave Vibraphone to

How lucky we are to have Joe Locke on the

I know he planted a bug in Nico's ear about sending down the 3.5 Octave Vanderplas Baileo vibraphone for to use. As we all know my instrument was rattling like crazy.

Nico and Bill Youhass agreed that that was a good idea and I'm so grateful. Now we have a great instrument for great vibe players to come and play on!


I love it having the 3.5 available for the vibesworkshop, I hope it will serve you very well.

Except, tho the standard range of a vibraphone is 3 octaves, it doesn't mean that anything bigger than that is a marimba.
It's not the range that determines the name of the instrument, but the type of casters.
Vibraphones have 4 double braked casters, while a marimba only has 2.


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Funny Nico!

i was reading that and thinking WHAT? that's funny
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