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Steve Weiss Mallet Workshop


hi vibes comunity
I do not know if you see that
but I found this vido yesterday
it is incredible please see the AMAZING SOLO AND COMPING OF ED!!
this kind of things make me go to my vibes to study more and more and more.....

ed you make me happy today!


Marie-Noëlle Sun, 12/18/2011 - 13:39

I don't remember watching this video before: wow!!
And... Arturo, I love your last sentence: this is just what all this is all about! Isn't it? :o)
- M

ed saindon Mon, 12/19/2011 - 08:21

Thanks M-N and Arturo. And Arturo thanks for posting that. I hadn't seen that in a while. I didn't post it when I got the DVD of the gig probably because of the mix. But, I guess it's not as bad as I remembered. It was from a gig that we played in DeKalb, Illinois where Northern Illinois University is located. I had done a clinic there that day. Rodrigo Villaneuva is on the faculty. A great guy and very sensitive drummer. The band had a nice time playing and hanging.

Arturo, hope to see you in Valencia in May.