Tonight, 10-3-11, at Smalls

Hi everyone,

It's short notice, but I will be playing at Smalls Jazz Club in NYC tonight, and you can watch it through a live stream. Just go to and click on the live feed tab. Starts at 9:30PMest. The group is Gerry Gibbs' Thrasher band (Gerry is the son of the great Terry Gibbs!). Anyway, here's the lineup for tonight:

Gerry Gibbs - drums/compositions
Ravi Coltrane - tenor sax
Mark Feldman - violin
Behn Gillece - vibraphone
Aaron Goldberg - piano
Essiet Essiet - bass

Also, I'm doing a CD release show for my new CD, "DuoTone", on Oct .13th at 9:30est. You can catch that on the live feed as well. Here' the lineup:

Ken Fowser - tenor sax
Behn Gillece - vibraphone
Steve Einerson - piano
David Wong- bass
Rodney Green - drums

Hope you can catch one of the performances!

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Sounds great, Behn!
I'm enjoying the new CD and playing it on Good Vibes.

i'll check it out!

What a band!! Too bad I'll be sleeping then... Have fun guys!! :o)

If you have not tuned in, then tune in. Behn and Ravi pushing that front line, man.
Just thought I'd let you know I tuned in and now, I am going back to finish out the set. Also Behn's group w/Ken Fowser is playing the late jam session show tomorrow, Tuesday nite.


Hey Bruce,

A few things were switched around this month. We're actually doing the earlier set at 10PMest on Oct. 13th for a CD release, then we continue with the late set on Oct. 25th, so no late set tonight unfortunately. Glad you were able to catch the set last night, it was alot of fun!


One of the things I really liked were the two additional camera angles. Now with the three angles switching up periodically, the view is superb. We've always had that good view of the front line and now people can see the drummer right in the middle of his setup (top view) and it is swinging. But it also gives additional good views of the vibes. Very very considerate of the Club for the online viewers. Looking forward to seeing your next gig on Oct 13th.


Wow, Behn! Just watched the first set. Awesome!
Thanks for telling us about it.


That was great. I loved u trading with mark f!

Great job!

I tuned in to your Smalls jazz gig on line introducing your cd Duo Tone. Man you guys can really cook. Irony, the first tune was "Overcooked". Nice Behn. I watched up to and including the ballad "Stairway to the Stars" which was beautifully done and did I hear you employing the motor?? Nice.


p.w. u obviously r getting used to that small vibe in the club. Cool

Yeah, I've been messing with the motor again. For some reason, it goes in phases for me, so right now is a motor phase! Glad you liked the gig, we had alot of fun last night!