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wheel blocks for those of us tall guys with old axes that aren't adjustable...

So here are some pics of the blocks I use.

The quick and dirty ones that I keep in my case (and a spare set in the car) are easy to make and cheap. Cut (4) 4" sections of a 2x4, then staple some non-skid pads to the bottom and nail a caster cup to the top. Looks ugly, but works like a charm.

M55 case repair around Philly

Big shout out to Joe's Shoe and Luggage repair on Huntington Pike right outside Philly.

He went above and beyond to help fix up my old (1977) cases for my M55. He put on new handles, fixed up the straps, patched some holes up, and best of all... He did it at a tiny fraction of the cost of new cases.

He says he is game to work on anything. He does zipper work on soft cases and can order handles for anything we got. He is a local, private businessman and very accommodating.

$400 Off a MalletKat for a very limited time

I can get a great deal for subscribers on VW. $400 off a malletKat. This deal is over The end of August.

For more information let me know! However, PLEASE don't contact me unless you're ready to buy a MalletKat and you are a subscriber.

If you are subscriber for many years (more than 3) I might be able to do better.

These are the instruments.

Behn Gillece's new album "Top Shelf" is out!

Hi everyone,

I just got copies of my new album today, "Top Shelf." Here is a link of Ken Fowser and I discussing this project:

I'm really excited about this new recording! It features a great band with Michael Dease on trombone, Steve Einerson on piano, Dezron Douglas on bass, Rodney Green on drums, and co-led with Ken Fowser on tenor saxophone. I have audio clips on my website,