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Steve Weiss Mallet Workshop


All the Things You Are (Stan Levey) with Victor Feldman

I don't think this has been posted before. Sadly there's way too little Vic Feldman video out there. He was a natural in every way. This is the Stan Levey group with Vic Felman on vibes playing "All the Things You Are." I think the arrangement of the head is very cool. It's too short, but any Vic Feldman video is good Vic Feldman video. Stan Levey was a unique drummer as well. Watching him play is like looking at a mirror image of most drummers.

More Spain and the girls keep coming

Two things of note here; one being that Spain is being played incessantly all over the world and continues to show world appeal, and two, the girls are still coming. Watch out fellas, there are more playing vibes and marimba then you want to know about.

Of note; by the time I found where to post this, I almost forgot what the video was like so it will be like I am watching it for the first time again myself. Marie and Jen should be very happy about this video.

I truly hope all of the vibesworkshoppers enjoy. Here is Daniella and Ana from Moldova.