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Vibraphonics update at

There are a couple new Vibraphonics gizmos in my store. Here's the latest.… 

Also, if you've been thinking about upgrading to the PIPERvibe Gel Pad or purchasing my new book "Seven Songs For Vibraphone" or any physical (not digital) items in the store , now's the time. With each order for a limited time, I'll including a complete full instrument set of bar post insulators (90 insulators). 

Malletech Vibraphone damper rail

I'd love to see the workings of malletech's damper rail's straight up and down travel from above and below the instrument. If you have a malletech instrument, please post a video and/or clear photo of the damper rail's anchors and travel. This is a key feature for better, cleaner and more even damping via the pedal. I'd really appreciate it. If there's an instrument in the Dallas Area that I can come and see, that would be nice too. 

Thank you. 

Kenny Werner Talks About the book "Effortless Mastery"

If you haven't heard about this book, check this out. 

There is a lineage of books here, a tree. 

It all starts with Zen and Art or Archery, goes to 'The Inner Game of Tennis' (great great book to read)

Goes to, 'Zen and Art or Motorcycle Maintenance'

'Effortless Mastery' I think comes from this tree of books. They are all great and Kenny's book is great. 

Off topic - want to see wear brushes come from?

According to my buddy historian Jim Hamilton we r the only culture to play drums with our feet. I know drummers all over the world now do it, but according to him it starts here. He says it comes from tap dancing. He comes from a line of tap dancers.

He said many of the early drummers could tap and many were tap dancers.

So listen to this video. He says this is where brushes come from. This is amazing.

New York Philarmonic performs "Epirotiko" By Nicos Skalkotas, conducted by Dimitris Mitropoulos (1956)

Hello everyone.
Nicos Skalkotas was one of the greatest Greek composer who actually took the Greek traditional music and out it into the symphonic orchestra. This is a very good example of how 2 different words can combine and create something new. Nikos skalkotas has also studied with Arnold Schonberg. For more information click below.