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More Non-Jazz vibes

So, here is our latest release.  If you like it, please download a copy from your favorite service.

Marianne and I have mostly done New Age/World Music stuff in the past.  In some ways, this is still that, but...  We have been so deeply disturbed over the last few years by all the chaos in society that we felt we needed to address it musically.  The result, for me as the composer, was not something really peaceful.

What say you all?   I'm considering doing more music in this general direction.  It honors my heavy metal roots.  :)

Vibes Trailer Hitch

i came across this vibist on King St in Alexandria Virginia a few months ago.  He played while sitting  on an electric personal vehicle which he had fitted with a tow hitch mating with a tow ball at the base of the treble end of his vibraphone.  The vibes when towed rode on the two large wheels at the base end of the frame.  Here’s a video link of his playing

Surfer Rock + Vibes

Every now and then, we talk about the use of vibes outside the context of jazz.

I just became aware yesterday that this track, which includes the first recorded tracks I did with Miss Magnolia (my Deagan Imperial), was released a few years ago.  They had asked for a “vintage sound”, so my thought was to go with her, some old Albright mallets, and a pair of tube based mics.   

I want to do more of this.  :)