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38 Note technique

I was talking with Becky a few days ago and our conversation turned to practice technique.   I have talked about my 37 and 38 note practice routine, but never really documented it, so I thought this would be a good opportunity, just in case anyone was interested.

Clavamba — Clavé meets Samba using African drums and the Burton grip (Jerry Leake)

Using Ewe drums, the Yambu clave is played on the bell and low drum. On high drums, Son and Rumba clavé weave around the Yambu. An original clavé phrase (rotating the son to a different position) joins the series. The 4/4 sequence transitions to 6/8 for a profound shift in feel that is prominent in Afro-Cuban music. It ends with an original Samba that morphs into different time signatures and energy. 

Using Deadstroking and Staccato Dampening in your Lines

Hello all,

The vibraphone is one of the only instruments we play where you have to work extra hard to control the ending of a note. It requires two separate strokes to play and end any given note with dampening, whereas on, say, the saxophone, you can end a note by simply stopping your air. Thus, it's important to figure out how all this relates to playing the instrument in any context, including in lines, so that you're able to play what you're hearing.