I'm thinking. Check back. :-)

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I stopped asking "what" a long time ago. Today. the question is "why" although I do respect Marie's duly-noted "huh?!!".

Anyway, speaking of "Why": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cdTTxaSOLCE#

Who, what, when, where, why...who's got the scoop?

wow that's great!

I'm trying to bitch to you guys about posting more stuff. putting your stuff out there. be brave. that kind of stuff. trying to figure out how to do it without being preachy or a pain in the ass. i just think you ain't gonna get better unless you put your stuff out there.

that's why I'm considering certificates and letters of recommendation for high school and college students (and parolees). and in general for those who post on a regular basis. it makes the world a much better place! i mean if you're playing all the time, then who cares about posting here. but most of you guys ain't.

so I've made a few drafts of what to post. but i don't like them.