Victor Feldman is the Man!

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Wow smokin' playing! I love the album cover too. Stan Levey's son whom I have had the occasion of talking with a few times lives in Arizona. I wonder if he's seen it.

I hear a lot of Victor Feldman in your playing, Tony, especially the rhythmic concept. He doesn't seem to have gotten much attention on the vibes, especially for four mallet playing, and even though he predates Gary by a couple of years.

Victor played a lot in the studio, making good money and that might be the reason he wasn't better known. I had a few lessons at his house in the 80's and he was a tremendously nice person and is one of my all time favorite improvisors. Love his melodic sense. He had a very cool recording studio at his house.

what's interesting is victor holds his sticks exactly like i do!

i think he stole my grip. :-)