Tony Miceli - Invitation

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I especially liked Recordame and But Beautiful. The ending of But Beautiful was really nice. What mallets do you use? It seems like you use the same hardness on all songs. Also, the chords sounded great. Hard to get them to sound that smooth and still get the nice articulation on the scales and melody lines. I tend to do a quick 4321 on some chords - like a guitar player would sound. I notice you use a more pianistic approach to the chords as you play all the notes at once. Is this a conscious choice or have you always done it that way? I am experimenting a lot with 4 mallets on the marimba(solo jazz tunes) and Joe Pass is turning out to be a big influence. He did not play with a lot of sustain and a lot of what he did transfers over to the marimba.

that's funny because i think of it more as a guitaristic approach. i don't think the vibes are like a piano. i think of them more like a guitar. I grew up playing classical guitar.

the idea is this, accompanying yourself is as much about the scale as it is the chord. sometimes i grab a piece of the chord. espec if i have most of the harmony in the line, then i don't need the chord, so i can play all kinds of other stuff. seconds, fourghts, stuff moving up the scale, etc. etc.

make some sense?

Yes, it does. I did notice the grab thing. But, pianists do that too. Anyway, the playing is so great. The arc of the solos is really outstanding. So many people just string licks together but you are able to do four mallets and create a story with each solo. Well done!!!