Steve Weiss has an amazing price for M-46s

Heads up, Steve Weiss has 15 M-46's for sale for $2999.00. You will never get a new vibe of this quality for this price. Call Dan at Steve Weiss and tell him you heard about this at VibesWorkshop. Ready-Go!!!!!

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I'm def a malletech guy, however if you can't afford a malletech this is an incredible price. they are discontinuing the m46. which really doesn't mean anything because it's just an m55 with a few changes. you can always get parts, etc.

you will never get a price like this for a new instrument after these 20 are gone.

I love my M-46!! Such a great instrument!

Someone was asking me about getting a vibraphone for their child. The 46 doesn't have a motor, right? How can one be added? From where, Musser directly?


i think it's set up for the motor. you just by it and install it? i would ask steve weiss.