Some Information For Electronic Percussionists

Hello Everyone!

I’m happy to announce that a project that I’ve been working on for years is finally a reality! I’ve recently launched the website:

The website was created to facilitate the ability to discover and listen to music scores for percussion utilizing electronics as accompaniment. On the website you will find a large searchable database of works that aims to connect the percussionists with the composers and publishers. (Currently 240 pieces and growing)

The site offers access to a large database with ample information about each piece that a musician might want to consider before purchasing it.

The data base allows for …

dynamic searching based on composer names, year published, instrumentation and more
links to online media to listen to and watch videos of the piece being played
contact information for the composer and/or publisher to secure the piece
the ability for composers to add their own pieces to be seen and played by their peers

I’ve also created a non-percussion data base on the same website including cello, flute, piano, clarinet, voice, etc. As I am a percussionist I need my fellow colleagues who are experts in their instrumentation to help include your own pieces or pieces of others that you admire.(Currently 30 pieces and growing)

This project is crowd-sourced and freely available to the world community. The library includes composers from all over the globe such as Mexico, Sweden,, U.K., New Zealand, Japan, Switzerland, China and more encouraging as diverse of offerings as possible. The database connects composers, performers, and the publishers in an effort to make discovery more efficient.

If you are apprehensive to using technology in performance, I encourage you to search the library and focus your search for simpler works using Two Channels of audio output which is like playing a cassette tape and requires less equipment. Plus, I’m here to help any of you if you need it; please feel free to reach out to me via email if you have questions.

I have also created a special piece of software to aid with the practice of music and electronics called the Practice Room. It allows you to find and store the “start position” within an audio file. This allows the user to start at the same place over and over facilitating rehearsal, day after day. I will be emailing about this soon.

Please feel free to share the website far and wide with other colleagues and students that you think might find this helpful and want to participate. I appreciate any support.

Thank you,

Mike Crain

Department of Music

California State University Sacramento

Sacramento, CA 95825

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