A Little Help From My Friends, PLEASE :-)

With the 2014 world vibes congress rapidly approaching, I thought I'd ask a favor. Maybe get us all contributing to the congress.

What are some of the most important posts on this site. Sure you can think lessons, but they're mainly for subscribers. Although, I think I'll make some of them available to everyone for a bit. But maybe some other things? Maybe about the instrument? Players?

Could you post in the comments here if you remember anything and a link to it? That would be great! I'm trying to assemble a bunch of information. I'll make the info for all when I'm done, so even if you're giving a lecture on the vibes, you could have everyone access the info.

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I don't play the vibes, as you know, I just play the vibes -- on the radio. Some of the most important posts for me are people announcing new CDs that I can play, and books like Gary's autobiography. Anything that adds to my store of knowledge about vibes players individually and the songs they write and play helps me personally and professionally.
Michael and I will be attending the Vibes Congress and can't wait to see and hear you all!

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you will learn a ton about the instrument at the congress!! oh man! just wait. more than you might need!

but not that i think about it, we should (have) or should do a 'year in the vibraphone' article. huh? too little time so many mallets.

I think it is verry personal for everyone. We all have our way of learning. We all have things we want to learn at a certain moment.
That is the greatness of this site. No matter what you want to learn, there is something for you on the site. It could be TOTM, basic technique lessons, Dampening excercises.......
Sometimes we need inspiration or a little comforting tap on the shoulder.
It's all here, whenever we need it.

It's probably not a real answer to your question,...I'm sorry. But I don't consider certain posts or threads more important then others.

This entire site, your project in spreading the vibes.....That's important.


hey guys. silly of me! carolyn had the best recommendation. i run the site, i can see which posts got the most hits! i can filter any way. so duh! i'll just do that!

Thank you very much, I'll be here all week. Checks can be made out to Carolyn Stallard ;)