Don't Know What To Practice?

Here is a list of things on the website, lessons I liked a lot or thought were important. For me it's all of them I guess.

Can any of you guys copy a link of something you thought was interesting and help and put it in the comments? I'll Building on this. This would be especially for new comers to the site or players who don't know what to practice. Pick something from here!

Looking For Something to Study?

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Thanks Tony. This is a great idea and is helpful. I'm working through a ton of stuff but enjoying every minute. Always something to work on and stay focused on and wring out! Looking forward to August. I'll post some video soon too.

well if you see anything you really like, come back and say something about it. i'll keep build the document.

keep working hard.

Will do. Working, that is. And I'll keep coming back. :)

I figured I'd try and record this from memory, despite only starting to memorize it a few days ago. Lots of little technical errors but the goal was to put up something displaying my level of technical competence at this point. My apologies to David for the misplaced notes and errors. I decided to learn this a couple of weeks ago for a concert gig I did last week with a harpist. I needed a little solo piece to include and I found this, and liked it. Anyway, the first video is loaded. Just beginning this journey so lots to learn.

i'll post this for you. but you should go on the left, to post, then embed video.

I briefly looked to see if I could delete that post. Please feel free to remove it; I should have asked first, and now I can clearly see the hyperlink for "post" on the left. Again, my apologies.

Its weird, but one of the things I'm learning about this new language and new that sometimes "practicing" means just noodling around...playing with the changes, voicings, and MOST importantly (for me anyway), trying to hear melodies in my head that I can translate to the all takes on a very different kind of feeling than does the typical practicing I've done over my early developmental years. I don't know if this makes sense or not, or if I"m on the right track. But it feels like some of the time, this is what comes out of my practice time. I can feel some improvements in these areas, but it's slow...