BYe Bye Bobby Hutcherson

Hey Guys

Some sad news. Bobby Hutcherson dies last night.

He will be missed terribly by the jazz world and especially us her at vibesworkshop.

So any Bobby stories out there?
What's your favorite Bobby cd?

RIP Bobby!

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So sorry and sad to read that Bobby Hutcherson, a true gentleman and a giant figure in jazz, and certainly the vibraphone, has died. May he rest in peace. Goodbye, Bobby!


I bet a lot of you guys had a chance to see him live, eh? I'm regretting not making the trek to SF a few years ago to see him. Oddly enough I think I may have seen him at a jazz festival concert when I was a teenager (with McCoy Tyner), but my memory is awfully fuzzy. I don't think I even knew what a vibraphone was then.

But when I started to play I remember the first solo I learned was his two choruses on Bag's Groove from that concert he did with Joe Locke (I think it's still on youtube). I ought to revisit those two choruses! I'll also always remember him as a poetic communicator of what matters in music. The clips of him speaking on youtube mean a lot to me.

When I first moved to the area, one of the first vibes gigs I checked out was Bobby playing at Grendel's Lair with Mickey, Cedar and Buster. Blew my mind. What a night.

So sad that he is gone. Too many favorite albums to pick one.

A while back I heard a blurb from an interview with Bobby on SiriusXM. He was talking about when he was playing on a cruise ship and he was sharing the stage with Milt. A big wave hit the boat and both their vibes rolled across the stage --the wheels weren't locked. He started to chase it and Milt stopped him and in a wise elder statesman comment he said, "Stay here, they will roll back toward us". Sure enough they both came back and they bashed together right in front of them. Milt said "It just struck one". Bobby, thanks for the music, the wisdom, and the physics lesson.