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Ok in the spirit of sharing and being an open community I thought I would share with you guys a new song I'm writing for my new album that I'll be recording in February. The song is not finished by any means but you can hear this early version and go through it with me as I attempt to form it into its final product. Theres a bunch of mistakes and some awkward transitions, but thats all part of developing the piece.

The piece is supposed to be the closing track which will most likely a solo or duet. The idea is that your reflecting on everything that you just listened to and are preparing for the next adventure!

so here you go, i'm exposing something very personal to me so I want your thoughts, curses, stories, let me hear what you think...

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mikepinto Sun, 01/31/2010 - 11:52

In reply to by tonymiceli

Yea I was planning on this being recorded last so I have the sam experience performing it as I would listening to it. Reflecting on the day and all the music!

I also took your advice tony and am putting 2 originals on the album. This album is going to be a departure from my previous all originals album where this one will be science fiction tv/movie themes and jazz standards!