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Here is the final lesson for TOTM My Romance. Now you have to create a final version. CREATE something, anything. Beginning, Middle and End. This is a great study, don't underestimate it. Record it and post it.

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toddc Tue, 09/14/2010 - 10:37

I'm almost ready to post a final.
Its been a great lesson. I mean really great!!!!

Todd Canedy
Don't stop asking until you understand. Once you understand constantly confirm it.

vibraman Wed, 09/15/2010 - 07:52

not 100% know. i wonder why i always get faster during the f*** intro...i will give it another try maybe on the meantime this is my final version.


Marie-Noëlle Wed, 09/15/2010 - 08:39

In reply to by vibraman

Yes, not perfect, and then? I hear a lot of dynamic, energy, timing, original ideas, and independence. I love that ending where the time is not obviously heard... but def. there! :o)

Tarik is our first final version guy!

Who's next? Todd?

- M

tonymiceli Wed, 09/15/2010 - 09:27

In reply to by vibraman

that's great, you finished it! and it sounds great. i always do the coffee shop test. which is: if i walked into a coffee shop to hang out for a bit, and i heard 'that', would i stay? yeah, i would. you did the job, rhythm, time, the changes. cool!

now you got thinking about one thing. for those advanced two days before the workshop in holland, who ever comes, we're going to work hard on altering the chords. that's what you need to add next. all the dominants sound too plain. and if you can get them sounding hipper, your playing is at a whole other level. know want i mean? so the altered stuff has to happen either in the voicing, or if the voicing is just the left hand playing just a 3rd and a 7th then you have to have the altered stuff in the line.

you get it??? just work some stuff in to start.

Tony Miceli (new)
s k y p e: tjazzvibe

vibraman Wed, 09/15/2010 - 12:29

In reply to by tonymiceli

i know tony thanks. but my problem is to play that altered things when i play solo vibes. if you listen to the dana play a long i tried some of this and it works better but if i play solo vibes it´s hard for me to do cause i keep focussing on so many things...

vibraman Wed, 09/15/2010 - 17:56

In reply to by vibraman

i wonder sometimes about myself.i recorded the whole morning versions of the tune. then i listened back all versions and thought, ok the above posted is the best.then i came home from work and heared everything again and found this version much better (it´s the 2nd recording out of ten i did) and i wonder why i did not hear it when i first heared it?

these are 2 versions in a roll. normally i would have cut out after the first one but i forgot to turn the recorder off and so i thought i leave it because i like the rubato style of the melody.

i think being a producer is also a hard job sometimes. and it also proofs that we hear things completley different depending on the mood we are in i think.

i did not add any reverb to this version like on the above posted. so it´s more like a practice tape.let me know what you think.

Marie-Noëlle Wed, 09/15/2010 - 18:31

In reply to by vibraman

This is totally awesome Tarik!!

Here is the truth (I know it's late and bed time for me but...). I had open your file and was listening on the back ground, doing other stuff, you were among your fist version, solo section, and then without thinking I said to myself: man that sounds like Tony playing there! And I was totally in awe when coming back to reality: man oh man... no this is our Tarik playing there!!!

omg... I'm glad you didn't delete it!!! :o)


tonymiceli Wed, 09/15/2010 - 20:18

In reply to by vibraman

i do this all the time! put up the best version until the next day and find another best version!!

the first version sounds safer! you're taking more chances.

and you play a b9 right out of the intro. just keep putting more and more into it!

you work hard man, i dig it!!!

Tony Miceli (new)
s k y p e: tjazzvibe

BarryK Wed, 09/15/2010 - 23:10

I skipped a bunch of lessons (chords in multiple keys, and lines, etc.), but it will take me too long to get to them. So, here is my 'Final' arrangement of My Romance, with what I learned so far.

Listening back, I would walk out of the cafe :-( I think the worst part of listening to this is my bad sense of rhythm. Maybe a slower version would have worked better.


vibraman Thu, 09/16/2010 - 01:27

In reply to by BarryK

hey barry,

slower is just always the key for learning.i need to remind myself always to this and still don´t do it sometimes. most of us have the tendency to rush if we are in stress and recording is if you know the problem, i think it´s 90% solved.i don´t think you have a bad sense of rhythm, you just hear the tune in your head too play that fast there´s no chance to walk out of the cafe, because your finished before someone could do, although i wouldn´t do that, it´s a good tactic in that way :)

but believe me, i really know how you feel.although you know it, use a metronom. it forces you to keep the time.even if you think it´s terrible to play with it (which is sometimes), it´s not about having a great feeling while play, it´s about learning. same for posting. even if you post something you don´t like, it will help you getting better and that´s the main least i always try to see it that way. so thanks for posting!


BarryK Thu, 09/16/2010 - 07:33

In reply to by vibraman

Thanks, Tarik. I played it 20 times last night. This was the last. I just gave up. I definitely got better after practicing so many times, trying to record a good version.

I tried a few times with BIAB drum track but kept messing up the arpeggio part and threw everything else off. Wanted to post due to Marie's encouragement.

I'll work on it slower.


Marie-Noëlle Thu, 09/16/2010 - 07:22

In reply to by BarryK

I'm so glad you posted it Barry!! Thanks! :o)

Regarding the metronome, I think it can be a "good friend" like Tarik says, even if not the easiest exercice. And when I hear Tony talking about it and using it... man I think everything is said! :o)

tonymiceli Thu, 09/16/2010 - 09:22

In reply to by BarryK

Yeah Barry slow it down! It would sound so much better. And you are so close, practice with a metronome on two and four! Really work hard on the time! You can do it!

Tony Miceli (new)
s k y p e: tjazzvibe

Marie-Noëlle Thu, 09/16/2010 - 07:18

Man that damper bar makes the pedaling tricky in the low notes (though Bruno already fixed it). I hate to hear that intro… I should record a better one, but this morning time was very short, and I'm not sure to be able to do it again before the end of the week.

So, this is my "first final" version of My Romance. Of course it's no more than a beginner one, but it's the best I could do so far… very few notes, and my voice coming to my rescue!! (phew…)

I truly enjoyed working on that tune, despite the 2 weeks restoration off. I love the idea that beginners can work on the same tune as advanced players, no matter the difference, the time spent, the aspects of the tune worked on, and the result.

And… I'm hoping to post another version with Florian soon... if all goes well.

vibraman Thu, 09/16/2010 - 07:24

In reply to by Marie-Noëlle

bravo french chick.i could hardly sing while playing vibes and you for it on the very beginning of your career.just keep going and posting!


tonymiceli Thu, 09/16/2010 - 13:50

In reply to by Marie-Noëlle

you're kind of learning vibes in this cool round about way. i dig it!!! and you're working on your singing!

you should next play bass line the third of each chord.

Tony Miceli (new)
s k y p e: tjazzvibe

Marie-Noëlle Sat, 09/18/2010 - 04:23

In reply to by tonymiceli

Oh man, I spent hours and tons of takes trying to record this. It was ready a few hours after you had suggested it... but the dear "Degus" (Chilian rattles) we have at home would make my life a nightmare while recording: battles, wheel and cage noises of all kinds!! We just need to find a better place for them... or for the vibes, but it's not possible right now.

So this is finally it! My take with roots + thirds + lyrics... + degus fighting on "back vocals" (thankfully no freaking cage noise this time!). Don't ask me more than one simple go on the theme!

Oh man... life is hard!!

- M

vibeman27 Sat, 09/18/2010 - 16:49

In reply to by BarryK

That was great. I also did not hear any other sounds or noises. What is a Degus? I am suspecting a parrot or something like a small bird in a cage. Anyway, did not hear anything else.


Marie-Noëlle Sat, 09/18/2010 - 17:32

In reply to by vibeman27

Well I'm glad you didn't hear them! Haha!

Degus (or Octodons) are not birds, they are like rats, but with a little something of the squirel. They are very friendly pets, they like to live in community, but they also sometimes "argue" and fight a bit... and as rodents they of course like to noisily gnaw everything! They have quite an complexe vocal language which in fact sounds a bit like birds.

You can also find some pictures of them on my Face Book profile!

If you want to hear them, I think you will have to use a earphone. Wait till the end, after the stick drop.

Anyway, thanks for listen, to you and Barry!

- M

jack_reilly Fri, 09/17/2010 - 22:02

my romance....just single notes so far
also...see if u can spot tonys "million dollar lick" in there..:)

Marie-Noëlle Sun, 09/19/2010 - 14:10

As planned, this is a "4 mallet" version ;-): Florian learned the melody. I comp with the bass line. :o)

vibraman Mon, 09/20/2010 - 02:08

In reply to by Marie-Noëlle

wow.that´s cool to see how a instrument can be joy for the whole family.well done you 2.keep on the good work and keep us posted.

goldwing Sun, 09/19/2010 - 20:03

Well, I finally got the digital recorder going on my computer and recorded this final version. It's got a few "bumps" in it but it seems to be moving in the right direction. LOL I learned a lot from this exercise. I also used some of what I learned at the Delaware workshop in this tune. You'll notice a bass and drum in the background, courtesy of Band-in-a-Box. Progress comes in small steps with heavy doses of hard work added to embellish the flavor of the product.

goldwing (Ed D)

Marie-Noëlle Mon, 09/20/2010 - 01:27

In reply to by goldwing

Great! I'm glad that the "father" of TOTM didn't "abandoned his creation"! :o)
That's a very pleasant tune to listen in the morning! Thanks Ed! :o)

goldwing Mon, 09/20/2010 - 10:53

In reply to by Marie-Noëlle

Marie: I'm pleased that you enjoyed my version of the TOTM. I will confess that I worked on this tune all month ... like everyone else did ... so by the time it was time to record this final version, it only took me two takes. I learned a lot by learning the tune this way and I'm looking forward to the next TOTM.

By the way, the reason I didn't post any of the other lessons for this tune is because I discovered that the computer in my music room didn't have a digital recorded in it. It took me awhile to find recorder software and get it working the right way. The problem is solved so I'll be posting things now.

I listened to your versions of this tune too. How pleasant they were. Your singing was an added "plus".

Ed D (AKA goldwing)

tonymiceli Mon, 09/20/2010 - 16:07

In reply to by goldwing

do this without any help from the bass and drums. play it solo. what you've done sounds good and i'm sure you're learning from it. but that's not what i'm looking for.

no matter how good or how not, make a solo piece out of all the exercises.

did you post the other lessons? have you done lessons one two and three? i can't remember. i don't think so but maybe i'm wrong. i think (if you didn't) you should go through each lesson for a week and post at the end of a good week of practicing. let me know if you did all this.

i think i'm going to write a blog on this!

Tony Miceli (new)
s k y p e: tjazzvibe

goldwing Mon, 09/20/2010 - 17:43

In reply to by tonymiceli

Actually, I did all the other lessons; I just didn't record them because I didn't have recording software on my computer in my music room. I now have software as well as a Zoom digital handheld recorder so I'm all set to record future lessons.

I understand about playing with no background and will do that in the future.

Ed D (AKA goldwing)

tonymiceli Mon, 09/20/2010 - 20:14

In reply to by goldwing

i'm glad you said that. i was thinking you didn't do the exercises at all. and that got me into my blog about the time that would be required.

teaching is screwed up in a away. you assume a lot as a teacher, and you see so many students take the easy way out that you just assume that's what happens all the time.

i assumed that with you, incorrectly as i found out! sorry! recently i actually got on a kids case at school because i thought he took a short cut and then he proved me wrong in front of the whole class!!! i felt like an idiot!

Tony Miceli (new)
s k y p e: tjazzvibe

vibraman Tue, 09/21/2010 - 01:33

In reply to by tonymiceli

i wish someone could show me a i can play ala miceli or gary burton shortcut. i even would pay for this :) but would that be fun?
but some shortcuts could also be great. e.g. i like exercises where you learn more than one thing at the time.
like if you play one of tonys etudes according to a special song with a metronom. in this case you learn the harmonys of the tune,many other tunes that are related,you lern timing because of the metronom and you lern voicings that fit to the harmonys. that´s 4 flies with one beat. not really a shortcut like "lern-to play-like-tony-without-much-work" shortcut but it´s a good start.

when i teach drums i got some special "shortcuts" exercises that work pretty good. for vibrpahone it´s a little bit harder for me to think of this.

vibraman Tue, 09/21/2010 - 02:52

In reply to by tonymiceli

there are many many etudes related to songs on the site. also there´s no way to invent something like a really new approach towards learning to play vibes. at one point it deals always with work and the same things you always mention. that´s also for any TOTM. at least it´s the same for every tune you have to do.
lern the harmonys in different keys play with metronom,check the scales,etc. the thing is you must just simply do it as a student.
the good thing about TOMT or posting anything on site for me is that you have a goal to matter how good you play it or how advanced it is. like you said play a simple solo for one week in 2 keys. if you got just 2 days in this week for practice it´s clear your post will not sound as good as if you had 7 days for learning it. but that does not matter. you did something on the tune.that matters.

i tell my drum students always the same things over and over. if they would only do it like i said they would improve more i think.but i´m also guilty of this while i lern to play vibes.i practice too fast, i loose focus on some things. i don´t play really everyday.i don´t transpose in really ALL keys etc. but i think this things are natural and even if you don´t do everything of this but just some advices you will improve. there´s no really wrong way to lern something on any instrument.every minute you spent behind this will help you get a better must just DO IT.