TOTM - All The Things You Are - 4 Interpretations of the Melody

Hey all,

Not really an official lesson here, but thought I'd post a version of our TOTM where I just play the melody through a few times. With each version, I try to do different things with the phrasing, leaning back, forward, decorating notes, etc. I'm playing along with a crappy i Real Pro thing, but it should give an idea of how you can mess with phrasing. It would be nice to see some other posts here with your versions! Have fun with it!



Behn, I find keeping time when improvising tough. Especially tough on All The Things You Are.

I first recorded the chords played as low on the innstrument as possible, each played on the 1st beat of each measure, with metrononme as guide. Then played that back while running a melody line. Some success the second time around, at least in staying more or less on the beat.

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Yeah, the 2nd time was better. One thing you could try is just phrasing it simply. It's actually challenging, but start with the most plain rhythmic interpretation possible, as if you were reading it out of a book literally. From there, add a few anticipations. The freedom of phrasing kicks in when you really know the melody cold, so it's important to internalize it simply first.

Also, you may want to try recording a backing track on a keyboard. Use a patch that has good bass notes, like a rhodes or wurlitzer patch. It's easier to hear the harmony with that than a vibes overdub. Hope this helps!


Played the chords an octave low on-beat on a keyboard, leaving a 6 bar intro to let me run to the vibes after I get it started in Audacity. Not much more than the melody, but at least I was generally able to follow the beat.

Thanks for all the lessons on this tune. Some help, some are over my head, but there's a lot here to work on.


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Cool, but you should try to play a keyboard part and play along with it after you record it! That's the idea. But this was better though with the timing. Try coming up with something on piano for the next one.