Cheek to Cheek - Stride Practice Tape by Tony Miceli

Instead of practicing for my concert tomorrow, I spend a gigless Friday night thinking about stride vibes once again. I started practicing and recording as usual. Here's a decent take, and definitely a practice tape.

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I DIG IT! Man, you kept it swinging the whole way. Great stick drop at the end (my favorite yet). I could really feel the emotional content in that stick drop. You really meant it!

I love this tune!

It's good to hear a typical Miceli version of it!

Thanks T!

- M

P.S.: what means "stride"?

I just come to realise, after a few times hearing you play that tune: it seems to me that you're are not alone. They are def. two guys on this track...

There's this rhythmic pal playing in low bars, and swinging is &** off, doing his best to encourage his "brother" and let him add to the melody those killing funny little pirouettes he has the secret...

BTW, those two dudes seem to get on well together. They surely have great fun as they don't seem to be willing to find an end to the tune and have a big "laugh drop" of satisfaction at the end...

- M

PS: Hmm... tell me who influenced the other most to get this slignt speed up of tempo in those 5:09 mn? ;o)

it's hard sometimes to keep the time steady. i'll usually rush a little in the solo, something i work a lot on (you should heard the old tapes from back in the day).

that's what the practice tapes are for! this didn't bother me.

one thing i always do is play the beginning after hearing the end.

Tony Miceli
s k y p e: tjazzvibe
i c h a t: tonymiceli

I wrote dozens of cool words, and you only kept this one in mind! Ha! ;o)

Man that was a 5 minute solo tune!

Especiallly if its only practice. Bravo Tony


it's a style of playing from way back in the day. damn, i'm forgetting the guys name i like, w. p. johnson? look him up.

stride is cool i think and it's fun to play on the vibes. it really works your brain.

Tony Miceli
s k y p e: tjazzvibe
i c h a t: tonymiceli


I see now: cool! Thanks!

- M

PS: stride suits you!

"stride is cool i think and it's fun to play on the vibes. it really works your brain."

That's my problem. I need a brain.

Bob Wesner

i doubt that!!!

Tony Miceli
s k y p e: tjazzvibe
i c h a t: tonymiceli

Really like that take Tony it has everything, can I borrow your hands for a few months!!

i haven't hear anyone play stride-vibe like you...that might be your signature.

A-class signatture

There he goes. Showin' off again. Just trying to make us all feel bad and doing a fine job it too. I'm off to melt down my vibe and make a knife so I can slit something.

Bob Wesner

Yeah, Tony. Great playing, beautiful, relaxed time and perfect voicings!


That's great Tony!

So swinging!

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oh man, just typed in stride in the search bar and found this. you should do a stride solo record. just playing stride vibes. this is so fun to listen to.

ugh. sooo good. 4:08...smooth.
4:39...come on!!!!

love it

I agree! That would be a great record!!

i haven't this in 10 years!!! I think it's pretty good! i probably did not like it when i did. i can't hear the mistakes now!

i had fun doing stride stuff and studying it! i learned how important the quarter note is from listen to some of those guys!

and i miss playing this tune!

. . . my feet move without me telling them - really nice, Tony!