Smiley Gong

Tony has been asking me to do something with vibes and gongs. So, I have been working on it, but to be perfectly honest, most of it just isn't ready for prime time yet. Playing solo, as many of us are finding out in quarantine, is very tough. 35+ years of quartet playing with pianists and guitarists didn't really prepare me for this moment.

So, I'm not ready to do a whole hour of this stuff live yet, but here is a few minutes of what I am up to. I'm learning every day, especially now that I am getting to hear so many accomplished solo players do their thing.

I hope you enjoy.

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I just closed my eyes, sat back and relaxed. Cool chords (is that what is meant by reharmonization?). I did have to open one eye to see what you were doing ;-) Played it several times. :-)

Thanks for posting!


beautiful! Although one criticism..... MORE GONG

Great choice of song. Very tastefully played. Thanks for putting it out there.

This is cool! I just found a low D gong that looks very similar to yours in my basement. Apparently my parents bought it on their honeymoon years ago? This is inspiring me to see what I can do with it...

There’s a lot you can do with something that provides a pedal tone or drone...

D is a cool note. I have an excellent low D. Maybe I’ll do a video with that and some exercises I do that employ a gong.