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This is important stuff.

You know I think the Mallet Station might be a decent entry level controller, however as SOON as you get serious, It will not even hang a little bit with the MalletaKat, that's my take so far.

But as an entry keyboard into the world of electronic mallets, I'm sure it's fine. Keep in mind that the Malletkat has a competitive instrument also. Around the same price.

But check this video out.


matthewmiller Mon, 09/24/2018 - 15:58

I won't argue that, I'm sure the malletkat quality reflects the years of r&d they've had. But for those in the market to whom the ~3k price difference matters, there is an easy way to change the sensitivity of the malletstation. I didn't like the response out of the box but I was able to make it drastically more sensitive so I don't have to hit it too hard to get the sounds I want.

tonymiceli Thu, 09/27/2018 - 09:14

In reply to by David Friedman

It won't hang with the Mallet Kat. Meaning the Malletkat is way more sophisticated and developed at this point. I am a Mallet Kat guy so I am biased. And I have not played one yet, however the MalletKat guys have.

c.stallard22 Wed, 02/17/2021 - 17:08

In reply to by tonymiceli

I dunno Tony, I'm not sure you can 100% say it won't hang if you've never played one. It's very possible that's the case, but no real way to know until you've played one to compare.

I've also never played one, so I'm withholding my own judgement until I get an opportunity to compare. Either way, the ability to change the caps so that you can start on F is pretty cool. I like that the two companies have different approaches to MIDI mallet playing, so no matter what, it's exciting for the MIDI mallet market to have more competitors in the game.

Posting this here because I can’t figure out anywhere else to post. I really wanted to like the MalletKAT - I visited Alternate Mode, met with Mario, tried one out and bought one. This was about two years ago. When I initially got it, I played it quite a bit and learned the basic operation - I even used it on a couple gigs. I have found that over the past year (could be pandemic related I suppose) I just always gravitate to my acoustic vibraphone (M-55). Now the MalletKAT sits set up in my studio, played very little. I’m not ready to sell it, but I’m curious if others have had similar experiences with any electronic mallet instrument and where/how they ended up.

I want to emphasis that this has nothing to do with the MalletKAT itself (technically it is a fantastic instrument), I just think I can’t get used to an electronic controller of any kind. There’s no avoiding the thumping sound and lack of acoustic response. I’m using a Ketron SD1000 for sounds.

Anyway - just very curious about other player’s experiences with the MalletKAT (or other electronic instrument).


My 1st experience with the Mallet Kat was almost 25 years ago. I hated it. I was playing the 2nd piano book on a show and I couldn’t get used to it.
Fast forward to 2017 and I own one and have used it on many shows and with a Frank Zappa tribute band I play with. I like but the dynamic limitations are trying. I’ve also used it with a loop pedal for practicing and enjoyed it.
Nothing takes the place of acoustic instruments but when there’s limited space or massive volume it’s great.

I used a lot of devices as a guitarist. All depends of your real needs. If you need to have at disposal different sounds, it's OK. If the sounds inspire you to create music related to them, it's OK. And probably in this case you are hanging out with other musicians who also are in the digital music world, then evidently it's OK too. If your life is in a hurry, with a lot of traveling, or deplacements, gigs, rehersals, teachings etc... it's OK to have a quick set-up instrument. If you really hear in your head a tune with electronic sound, it's oK. But when all those needs aren't here, you come back to acoustic playing. Me and absolutely all my friends fell in this category. My 2 cents

tonymiceli Wed, 02/17/2021 - 23:30

In reply to by pcheckel

i love the malletkat. but i would never compare it to a vibraphone. meaning they are two different instruments. and i use them for different reasons.
now i have a great vibe sample from a company called orange tree (i think). so i can do vibe stuff on the malletkat.

but again, they are different. and like babu said depends on the reason.


What instruments does this pertain to?

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