Interesting MalletStation vs MalletKat Video On Velocity

This is important stuff.

You know I think the Mallet Station might be a decent entry level controller, however as SOON as you get serious, It will not even hang a little bit with the MalletaKat, that's my take so far.

But as an entry keyboard into the world of electronic mallets, I'm sure it's fine. Keep in mind that the Malletkat has a competitive instrument also. Around the same price.

But check this video out.

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I won't argue that, I'm sure the malletkat quality reflects the years of r&d they've had. But for those in the market to whom the ~3k price difference matters, there is an easy way to change the sensitivity of the malletstation. I didn't like the response out of the box but I was able to make it drastically more sensitive so I don't have to hit it too hard to get the sounds I want.

i agree! However there is now an inexpensive competitive Malletkat which I think is under 1,000 dollars.

Is this the one you mean, Tony?

That's great, I think the competition is healthy for the industry and players; much like you and LHS say about malletech making vibes.

i agree with you 100 percent. players need the competition!

What do you mean you won't even "hang a little bit with the mallet kat"?

It won't hang with the Mallet Kat. Meaning the Malletkat is way more sophisticated and developed at this point. I am a Mallet Kat guy so I am biased. And I have not played one yet, however the MalletKat guys have.