"Context" - Original Song on the MalletKat Grand

Having some fun learning how to use my new MalletKat and checking out some of the sounds on the GigKat2. Finally living out my dream of being a string player.. This is a little tune I wrote titled "Context".

If anyone has any tips for new MalletKat users please send them my way! I'd love to hear what sorts of uses others have found for the instrument.

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Neat tune and rendition. I love the background chords.

My only tip (not a comment on your playing) is from my experience as a keyboard player covering other instruments; and that is to play as the instrumentalist would play, not as a piano (or mallet) player would play. It's hard to do that though with the limitations of keyboard controllers. Some things that might help are a volume pedal to dynamically adjust the attack, or take advantage of the MalletKat's Aftertouch to add vibrato or pitch change. Another idea is to use a Breath Controller (https://www.sweetwater.com/insync/breath-controller/).

Have fun with your new MalletKat!


Thanks Barry! That is a great point to think about. Thanks so much for this tip! Will definitely experiment a bit more with a volume pedal and check out the Aftertouch feature this weekend as well.

There's a player named Bernard Masselli or something like that. sounds like my name.

my advice, learn the F out of it. It's software, learn how to make everything on it work. If you have questions or problems I know the two top guys and will make sure they help you.

If someone like you learns how to really manipulate and control this instrument it will be super cool musically. Bernard plays it great. He hits hard and actually breaks instruments (I heard).

Go through the manual and learn how to set up layers, learn how to really dampen well.

remember this is NOT a vibraphone and don't compare to one. Its it's own instrument, and new percussion instrument. Remember that when you play it.

I wish I had more time to get into it.

Also check out the gigKat2. I can help you get a deal on it. with that, you can easily go on gigs with your Kat.

Have fun!

Hey Morgan, I am currently working on learning how to effectively use my MalletKAT too. If you want to be KAT study buddies, let me know! I agree with Tony - definitely don't treat it as a vibraphone alternative, but as its own instrument. Have fun, and seriously let me know if you want to trade tips as we learn them and figure this out together. :)

But have to wait until I'm teaching on campus back in TX, AND make sure the malletKAT (circa 1995) still works, ha!

Definitely an important factor! If it works, let's do it! :D

Hey Carolyn!!! Yes I would love to chat about this! I am definitely feeling a bit overwhelmed trying to narrow down exactly what I can use this thing for lol. But I am hoping that if I learn/understand as many of the different features that I can, the uses will follow and hopefully some more creative ideas! If you think of anything or have any questions you're trying to work out, send me a message any time.. We can work it out together!

Awesome Morgan! I'll DM you :) We will be MalletKAT pros :D

i just listened to this again. what a beautiful song.

man i hope you write a lot of stuff!

Thanks Tony!!! :-)

Can you include me in this loop too? I'm hoping I can blow the dust off (metaphorically) of a Kat over Christmas break and use a Mac for a sound source. Feel free to ping me at dalrymplegj@gmail.com if you want to discuss further.

I really like the large skips up to the high notes.
I played one of the first Kats for many years.
Now I need a graduated bar Kat to play like I do on vibes.
It would be so easy, not to have to learn different spacing for both instruments
when the music or chords go by quickly.
If you even might be interested in the graduated bar/pad GradKat
you may have seen chats on this site, please let me know and spread the word.
Thank You.
I know they're spendy, but if you want, I'll speak with Mario at Kat,
and see if we can arrange a trade in for the new GradKat. Maybe
Food for thought.
Contact me anyway, if you want and maybe talk music. Yours is good.
Make more songs. It's 'all' good.
Merry Christmas,
Jim Henkemeyer or Henk for short.