Choro in my apartment #2

Determined to continue my "Choro in my apartment" series in April, I began arranging another Pixinguinha classic "Segura Ele" for a host of great Brazilian musicians who happened to be scattered in far parts of the globe do to the shelter in place situation. It was fun and I learned a lot. Love this jam!

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I love these videos, Tyler. Thanks for posting!


this is great!

I tried becoming a patron on Tyler's Patreon but when I tried to use Paypal it was asking for a credit card; Paypal already had a credit card linked. Anyone else do Patreon with Paypal and encounter this issue?


Aw man this was great!

Amazing! I love the vibe sound (and look). How on earth did you put this together technically? It looks like something that could have been put together for a late-night talk show or something!