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microphones, midi, dampers what´s up with that?

Forum Topic: K&K Pickups for Vibraphone

I'm thinking about getting pickups again.  To my knowledge the K&K pickups are the only ones commerically available at this time.  In my area of northern Jacksonville there aren't a lot of places to play gigs but there are some jam sessions.

My question is if anyone has plugged straight into a house PA system - and lived to tell about it!  :-)

I always had an amp with me when I had either pickups or mics so I never actually tried it.  Any input (pun intended) would be appreciated.

Thanks, Jerry


Forum Topic: Adjusting vibe recordings for internet

Greetings all,

I finished recording 5 solo vibraphone pieces in a studio in Florida a couple of weeks ago.  Since then we had a mix session and the engineer sent me what he believed to be the final mixes.

Before I go on let me say straight up that I don't expect great vibraphone sound from my 2019 iMac or any other computer due to the small speakers.


Forum Topic: Under Instrument Mic Placement & Number of Mics

Hi - Hoping for a little advice. I purchased the AMT VP2 microphones many years ago - back when they provided 3 mics with the setup. The way they were mounted on the instrument was cool, but I was not happy with the 'thunk' sounds added - vibration transferred from the frame I assume. I also had issues with bleed on stage. Then after attending a couple Worldwide Vibes conferences and reading posts on this forum, I learned to mount the mics under the instrument - and this has been working out quite well.


Forum Topic: Malletech V3PS pickups

Greetings everyone,

Looking for some feedback (pun intended) on the Malletech V3PS pickups.  I'm going back to pickups after many years of using various mic setups.  I'm familiar with the K&K pickup systems but would like to know if anyone else has experienced the V3PS.

My choice is between those two but haven't made a final decision.

Thanks, Jerry


Forum Topic: Cars for Vibes

I have a Musser M55 which fits beautifully into my Honda Element. Elements were made in the years before modern safety features became standard. I'd like something similar with modern safety features, not as big as a minivan. Fuel efficient would be a plus. Any suggestions?


Forum Topic: Suggestions for microphones/amp/pa for gigs?

Hi All,
Ive got a few gigs coming up and will need to have some kind of amplification. The guitarist has an all in one PA system a maui 5 (like the Bose system but cheaper). We had a practice session at the weekend with drums and bass and i used this PA with just one mic a sennheiser e845. Everything was working but i was getting hardly anything from the vibes through the system (The mic was above the vibes and fairly close). So what mics would be best to use and should i still use the Maui or go through a different amp?

Thanks !



Forum Topic: Deagan 510 vibes setup with pickups, pedals and a new look on life

Hey everybody, I just got back from a multi week tour with a new vibraphone setup and want to share and evangelize the results:)

Here's the situation, Over the years I have tried various ways to perform with vibes where I incorporate effects. This has usually been for electronica or funk/Hip hop groups. It has always been a hassle for a variety of reasons.


Forum Topic: Makeshift cases

Have any of you experimented with makeshift cases for any of your instruments? I have been trying to find a solution to moving my M75 to a new city. The Beiner Bags are expensive ($1000+) and take a little while to make/ship.

I had the idea to try using bicycle bags to move the larger pieces and ski cases for the rails. They are reasonably cheap and widely available on Amazon. Bars I always move with roller suitcases. Are there any other improvised bags that work well?