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Forum Topic: I can't vouch for this but it looks like a good deal on an M-55G (east)

There is an M55G on Facebook Marketplace that's been there for a few weeks.
I know NOTHING about this person or if it's a scam. However, if I lived closer I'd sure give it a look. If you do a FB marketplace search on "Musser Vibraphone", you'll get a listing in Silver Spring, MD.

Happy Hunting :)


Forum Topic: for sale: Yamaha YV3710 Gold Tour Vibe w cases

Hi All,

I am considering selling my 3-octave Yamaha Gold Tour vibe. It's a beautiful professional instrument, with cases, in excellent condition. It's not beat-up because it has permanently lived in the cases. The bars were special ordered from the factory with 440 tuning (not 442). That's rare, and in my opinion very desireable if you are playing with piano (USA) or guitarists who are using digital tuners.


Forum Topic: 1974 Musser M55 Pro For Sale

Selling my Musser M55 Pro that I purchased new in 1974. It has been carefully looked after. The bars are tuned A=440, and have a gorgeous tone. The variable speed motor is silent and works perfectly.

It does show some wear and tear appropriate to an instrument of its age, but this does not affect playability or functionality.

I’d prefer local pickup, but am willing to ship the instrument, and would have it professionally packaged to ensure safe shipping.


Forum Topic: Vanderplass e-vibe with soft case for sale - $5000 OBO

Hey everyone, I have a 2003 Vanderplass e-vibe. It is a little banged up ( 1 dent in the frame a and couple minor scratches on a couple of keys. It plays perfectly, the pedal is super smooth, silicon dampner and is solid, no squeaks, no wobbles.

Imade this website page to show it off...

It has a built in 6 way pre-amp and built in multi-FX's unit (Behringer)


Forum Topic: Musser M55G vibraphone for sale

Like new Musser M55G three-octave vibraphone for sale.

I bought these A=440 vibes new in 2014 and have rarely played them (I’ve returned to my first love - guitar). They’ve never left the house, so they’re in excellent condition, look beautiful and sound like Gary Burton.

It's being sold on consignment through the Mallet Shop:

Dave Roberts


Forum Topic: MalletStation, stands, case, and pedal like new-item no longer available

I should say indistinguishable from new. when not set up to play it was in the case. the firmware is the latest up to date and the bars have been calibrated. I have fallen on hard times (lost my job) and I need to sell this right away. I'm located in the DC area close to Woodbridge Va. I will throw in my Maudio fast track ultra as well. it is a legacy product but the driver still works in Windows 10 if installed as administrator there is also a Mac OS driver available at the website. need to get $700 for everything. would make a great Christmas gift for a budding Mallet player.


Forum Topic: replacement electric vibraphone butterfly valve drives

I'm still making these here and there.
standard option for most traditional vibraphone pulley belt drives available

12V dc safe Quiet , slim , light weight, discrete variable speed ( all the way up to Lionel Hampton LOL) easy detachable for transport
Option on board rechargeable lipo battery for no more trailing wires


Forum Topic: Musser M-75 Vibraphone for Sale $3800 - 2023 Lower Price!

I am selling my Musser M-75 vibraphone. $3,800.00

The gold bars are in excellent condition. It is a great sounding instrument. It's 20 to 25 years old and has been well cared for. I have refurbished it a bit with black paint, good lubrication, and strengthened the frame. It's very solid and quiet. The motor works.

If you would like to check out this instrument please go to my website and click on the "Media" link at the top of the home page. I have added a short video featuring the instrument and playing it a bit to demonstrate it's fine sound.