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I'm selling a MalletKAT I purchased a few years ago because I have not been able to make the transition to electronic from the acoustic vibraphone. It was a lot of fun trying! All the info - what, where, how much, etc. is on my website here:

Feel free to email me for more information, questions, etc. Email address on my website.


Paul Heckel

Just nudging this post in case someone is interested. Thanks!


josephturner Sun, 02/26/2023 - 07:42

I am a fellow percussionist, drummer, vibraphonist, and am interested in more details on your MalletKat posted in Vibes Workshop!
Is it still for sale? How many sounds are already either onboard, or loaded into the module? Can I see/hear a demo?!
I saw one on there recently, but the owner never answered any of my questions, and I was ready to buy! I am very interested in acquiring one, but really want to make sure it fits all my needs.
Joey T