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Forum Topic: Deagan Imperial Nocturne $3500

I have a beautiful Deagan Imperial Nocturne for sale. I spent some time (yuck) removing all the paint from the frame, down to bare metal and wood. The frame is wood with all original parts, stripped of the awful paint.The instrument has nearly perfect gold bars and the frame (and dual motors) work great. This is the 1958 instrument  that Milt played and Bobby too and it has that sublime high end and percussive fast feel and sound. The bars and resonators have original tuning and they sound so excellent. Really a masterpiece instrument.


Forum Topic: Musser M55 for sale in Toronto

Selling my M55's, located in Toronto. Bars are from around 2004; frame is from 2013. (Replacement frame new from Musser, after the original was stolen off a loading dock. Dunno why, as the bars weren't on them.) Great condition; they were stored for years by professional cartage company and delivered straight to gigs by truck without breaking them down. They're now at my home in east Toronto.


Forum Topic: 3 Octave MalletKAT for Sale - $2,000 with sounds, stand, cables, etc.

I'm selling a MalletKAT I purchased a few years ago because I have not been able to make the transition to electronic from the acoustic vibraphone. It was a lot of fun trying! All the info - what, where, how much, etc. is on my website here:

Feel free to email me for more information, questions, etc. Email address on my website.


Paul Heckel

Just nudging this post in case someone is interested. Thanks!