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I have a beautiful Deagan Imperial Nocturne for sale. I spent some time (yuck) removing all the paint from the frame, down to bare metal and wood. The frame is wood with all original parts, stripped of the awful paint.The instrument has nearly perfect gold bars and the frame (and dual motors) work great. This is the 1958 instrument  that Milt played and Bobby too and it has that sublime high end and percussive fast feel and sound. The bars and resonators have original tuning and they sound so excellent. Really a masterpiece instrument.

I am selling because I have a Musser from the same period that I am used to and I really only need the one and I play mostly bass these days. One big difference between the Musser and Deagan is that the Deagan has a more compact sound; much better for playing live gigs in restaurants etc. The Musser is  more of a big stage concert instrument. The Deagan takes to being mic'd and or pickup'd really well (I have an old set of Ayotte pickup rails and pickups if interested) and sounds ...well listen to the records, it is THAT sound.

I am in the Bay Area near San Francisco. Would love to have this instrument go to a player who appreciates the sound of the old alloys (they don;t make aluminum the same anymore so bars from this post war period have a unique round fundamental sound.

If you are interested or need more pictures or nfo email me: or text 415 717 6155





Randy_Sutin Sat, 12/10/2022 - 22:39

I wish I was on the Left Coast and had the cash! I could use a third Deagan. :)

IndianaGlen Mon, 12/12/2022 - 09:45

Wow nice Instrument.
Good thing I don't live in the area either, Randy, We'd have to fight over it.
Good luck Piro...

Michael DuBick Wed, 01/11/2023 - 15:32

Alas, I'm not. I would have jumped at this offer. Looks like a beautiful instrument. Let us know when it gets a good home.