some thoughts


i think it's totally cool that you're posting things in public and getting people to talk about it. that will totally help you i think.

i'm sorting this all out as i go, and i'm thinking when you post a new version of something maybe post it in 2 ways.

one: post it to the group which is me and you and keep that private

then leave the group. just go to the home page, then click post and post it there for the public.

what do you think? i think one thing is that you're paying for a direct line, to me and even the other faculty members, piper, and even tj and patricia. but mostly me. that can get messed up by all the replies and might limit what i say. make sense??

what do you think? that way you can post to the site and then post to me and we can have a train of the with the other faculty members. then when we meet online our part is clear. i just want to make sure i give you your money's worth.

ok, next, what are you up to? you're playing rainbow in some other keys?

maybe over the next couple weeks i'll do a solo version and post it, what else? a duet?

you doing the solo?

is it too much work all this? is it working out?

ok just checking in with these thoughts.

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Hey Tony,

Yeah, I'll start posting things in both places. I'm currently working on:

Rainbow in G
Finishing up the Dexter Transcription
Blue Bossa Melody in F, Bb, G and D

The memorization of songs has started to get a little easier for me now that I'm forcing myself to play with my music stand on the other side of the room. But the transposing is still giving me a lot of trouble, it's something I haven't really worked on a lot in the past and its going really slow.

I've been having a bunch of job interviews lately and been getting over a nasty cold so I haven't had as much time to record, all that's past me now though so I'm ready to go full speed again.

P.S. Haven't gotten a chance to talk to the neighbors yet, but I put the resonators back on and started using softer mallets.


hey give it another week, then let's meet up and talk about the transposing. it's easier than you think.

if i told you to play a 1 IV V progression and then told you the key you probably could play it in any key. that's how you have to think. But yeah let's talk online.

you know we don't even need the video for this one, so that would things easier.

let me know what you think.

s k y p e: tjazzvibe
i c h a t: tonymiceli

Yeah, I IV V in any key I can do. That would be great to meet online and talk about it. I think it also might be able to help if while we were talking I could play a little to make sure I'm really understanding the concept.


Hey guys,

On what cd is that dexter solo on? I'm just curious.