A Great Gig

I did a great gig at PASIC. But besides bragging little bit about it, here's the cool thing.

The audience loved what we did. I think there is a REAL interest in the vibraphone happening. Something that hasn't happened in a long time.

I credit Leigh Stevens for really making a competitive instrument. In my humble opinion it is truly the best.... by far. That has woken up manufacturers and us vibe players have woken up our audiences! (All of us).

We have a big community here at vibesworkshop and we are on a roll!

So I am really psyched and just think that as we get better and better (all of us) we generate more and more interest in the instrument. So let's keep it going!

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Glad I was able to make it to the show! Extremely well presented with a fun jam at the end!

How cool!! Congrats guys! Keep it up! :o)

On a related note, how did your workshop go? Did you use the stuff that we put up on the site? What was your final agenda/topic area?

i did use the stuff. i made a download with links to the pages. people did check out the pages.

this is better than handouts.

i really like us all doing stuff together!