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As many of you know, Arturo Serra is a great vibraphone player we fortunately have in Spain. For a great number of new generation jazz vibraphone players in Spain, Arturo has been (and continues being) the person who has had the things clear together with many years of a great experience in order to have been able to guide us and advice us about how to learn jazz vibes step by step in the right way. I am one of these and Arturo has been and is a mentor.

So, when I knew Arturo Serra is endosser of Musser I was glad to know it. Specially, because, it seems Musser´s endossers are very limited.

In any case, Congratulations Arturo!!!

Looking forward see you soon on the site


Marcel Pascual Mon, 04/29/2013 - 08:55

Yes is a very good news! congratulations Arturo!

I'm with you Israel! Arturo transmit his passion to study and play jazz with the vibes, and it's a clear reference in Spain, !
it's a very good thing this endorser!

arturo serra Mon, 04/29/2013 - 17:00

thank you thank you for the nice words to me! I really apreciatte!!
I´m luky to have friends like marcel and israel ( to say my spanish collegas) and many more vibist of course that make our profesion a ways of life, thinking in make music with this wonderful instrument!!