4 months old gigVibe by Vanderplas for sale! An opportunity not to be missed

Dear all,

I am selling my brand new -4 months old- gigVibe by Vanderplas. I have just agreed to an endorsement contract with a major european instrument maker and, as I am moving countries in September, I want to avoid the costs of moving things around. Needless to say I cannot afford to keep another instrument back home so there you go. I am selling it for 3500 euros for an instrument worth (if I am not mistaken), around 6000.

The instrument is a beautiful gigVibe as we who have witnessed it know it: blue graduate bars, silicone pad, slightly tilted bars which make playing it very comfortable and easy, especially for chords which may need awkward positioning. It has no motor as I didn't want one on it, but has added pick ups which Nico integrated to the instrument during the manufacture. The pick ups served me great for recording at home as it makes it really easy to connect with an audio interface and record my practice, ideas or a solo vibraphone piece. Needless to say, it's great for amplification too; Nico's pick ups are, perhaps, the best in the market today.

The instrument is, as one may assume, in perfect condition. It will have to be shipped from Cyprus before the second week of september when I am moving out. I can arrange the shipping from here with the same company that brought it for me from the Netherlands (GAP group), or you can sort it out yourself, as you like. The instrument is insured with Allianz musical insurance (their full cover for 6000 euros), and for a remaining of 8 months. So basically it will be insured during transportation. I have paid for the insurance but not sure if it can be transferred to a third person; when the time comes I will look into it.

You can contact me here or by email if you are interested: alexander.gagatsis@gmail.com

All the very best, Alex

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