Sejourne Vibe Concerto-- How to practice the runs.

Hey folks,

Been working on making more videos about stuff-- even if just streaming/bs'ing and thought this was a good one to make quick as a new member. There's an insane lick in the Sejourne Concerto and I've found a couple key ideas that work in executing it.

Here's my practice video:

I like the website-- cool peeps around here and prefer the old vBulletin look/feel of things over modern sites like Reddit. Nice project going on!



i love it when we teach and talk for others to learn from. This is great!

hey Shawn.

Next time you can put this up as a video embed. it will make it easier for you.

are you going to play this? will you record it so we can hear it?

do more stuff!

Here's the eventual performance-- community orch so pretty out and hard to coordinate. No doubt I could have done more to glue with them, but in performance you just kinda do what you have to!