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Steve Weiss Mallet Workshop


hey everyone .. i just received my malletkat pro today. Very excited to be back playing mallets and equally excited to be playing on mario's malletkat pro 6.

from the start it was easy to plug into reason 4 and start immediatly using the sounds. however i must solve a transposition issue with the vibe sound on the nnxt module inside of reason.

i must admit im a little challenge when reading manuels and understand the flow of the book.. so with that in minde .. HOw do i transpose the malletkat down 2 octaves? the patch i have on reason is way too tinny.


Vince H Tue, 04/24/2012 - 10:03

On my MalletKat (a 7 KS grand), you step on the edit foot switch, hit the pad marked octave, and then set the decrement pad down the number of octaves you want. I am not sure if the set-up I have matches yours.

The manual is very poorly written; it is definitely the weak point in an otherwise extraordinary product. The manual is not well organized and also uses unusual terms, which doesn't make learning easy. Don't be afraid to write Mario and ask for help. He has helped me figure things out, just takes him some time to respond. He is a great guy.

If this doesn't help, it is OK to contact me directly--Marie can give you my email address--and you can call me and I can talk you through this.

I am loving my MalletKat with the built-in Kurzweil engine. The vibe sounds don't give you the same "in your face" response as a real vibraphone. But if you get 15 feet away, you can't really tell the difference in a live setting. Sound engineers love it, since there is no problem with feedback. I use a Musser Pro with K&K for most of my gigs...but to my ears, the MalletKat with the Kurzweil synth embedded sounds more like an acoustic vibe without pickups than an acoustic vibes with pickups. That said, I'd still rather gig on the acoustic--the range of nuance available acoustically is greater. What can I say--both are great!

tonymiceli Tue, 04/24/2012 - 17:12


no way around it. you will HAVE read the manual from cover to cover. if you read a LITTLE bit you'd see that changing the octave is the easiest thing to do on the instrument and is in the manual.

but i'm telling you, start on page one and read and read. this is an incredibly powerful electronic instrument so it takes time to learn.

go through each video that came with it and make sure you can do each thing on the video.

i see people get malletkats and then never use them because they say it's too hard. it's not too hard, but it takes time to learn. and if you don't put that time in it will wind up sitting in your closet.

sorry if i sound tough. but i've heard stuff like this so many times and then people don't use the instrument. that's a drag because this is a cool instrument and is totally master able. but it's going to take work. if you ignore the manual and videos you won't learn it.

you should consider if you can, to come to the workshop in delaware. by the end of the week you'd have it mastered.