M-55 or Yamaha YV-3710C?

I'm looking into buying my first set of vibes around Christmas this year and I have narrowed my options down to these two. I've played on the m-55, but I'm curious as to how the Yamaha sounds (I've heard great things from other people.) I definitely don't want to make a decision I will regret, so I'm looking to you guys to help with this decision. Any input would be great.

You will surely get answers from other members soon. As for me, I suggest you to go and visit the V-Books (tab on top of your screen) in the "All About the Instrument" section - "Getting your own instrument". You will find there similar discussions that have been going on on the site. Good luck!
- Marie
ps: I can see you're a subscriber... have you ever thought about posting your work? Commenting on lessons? ;-)

I think the YV-3710 is the overall best sounding instrument on the market today. Additionally, it doesn't rattle, it doesn't move from side to side when you depress the pedal, it dampens evenly and
has a full bright sound. Check out my demonstration video.


Don't forget, height adjustment and polished-finish bars, too...

Thanks for the infor guys. I was really leaning towards the Yamaha to begin with, but I just wanted to make sure I was making the right decision.


I agree with David. The Yamaha 2600 that I just bought used is a much more solid vibraphone. I do
miss the portablilty of the m48

Hello ! I just bought a Musser M48 Pro Voyager few months ago. Beautiful sound, good portability, .... but i am very disappointed about the fact that this vibraphone is not ajustable in eight. And it is a little too high for me and i am not confortable with it. So I put a carpet on my feet to gain two or three centimeters.
Previously I was playing a Yamaha 3 octave 1/2 and the axe has been loosing is richness of tuning after few years. I don't like it's sound now.
When i go from M48 to the Yamaha the difference is flagrant.
My advice: don't go to the M48 due to its lack of possibility to adjust the eight. And Yamaha makes great vibes anyway.

Hello Patrice,
Owning myself a M55, if the caster system is the same as for the M48, and since it's too high, I think it wouldn't be too tricky to adjust the height of your axe. (just cut some centimeters off the leg's end...)
But I know the odd feeling of having to do a "repair" on a brand new instrument...

Patrice, if you still own your 3.5 octave, you should consider having Nico tune the resonators for you. If the bars are in tune, I would think that you have a great instrument with an easily fixable problem.

Hi Patrice-
I agree with John -if you still have your 3910 you may need the resonators tuned if you are losing the fatness in the low end, for example, but you may need the bars tuned. Nico could probably do that as well - I had Bill Youhass at Fall Creek Marimbas tune my 3910 bars for me, and they sound fantastic now. It's a great instrument, I'd hate to see you give up on it.

And to Bpdohert18, good luck with your new instrument--cheers