Left Foot Pedaling

Does know of anyone using their left foot for pedaling ?

The correct English should be:

Do you know of anyone using their left foot for pedaling ?

Also, I've seen a video of Gary Burton playing a MUSSER with a pedal that extends the entire length of the instrument. Anyone know what modification that is ?

Most Premier vibes have extended pedal. It allows to pedal at nearly any place of the keyboard. Still Gary Burton stated in one of his video lessons that one should not need to move his feet while playing on an ordinary vibes to reach all the notes...

As for me I sometimes feel the need to switch from right to left foot. When switching, I feel better for a while, but quickly I feel like getting back to my right foot. Of course I can't do this in the middle of a tune...

So I do switch sometimes, but I don't think it's a very good thing. I'd think more than it means I have a wrong position and put too much weight on my left foot. Any ideas about this? Advice?

Otherwise you might find this topic from 2009 interesting: www.vibesworkshop.com/node/2274/

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Thank you, Marie - will "Edit" post next time I have the same type of situation.

i think you have every post on the site memorized!

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MN, your post made my day:-))
It is facinating to see that you're never getting tired helping anyone on this site, even those who need a lot of it.

Regarding left pedalling:
Why shouldn't you switch foot when it comforts you?!
Specially if your instrument dictates you to do (narrow pedals, I hate them).
What's more important: comfortable playing, or doing what others dictate.

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I like it when you get "out of your shell"!! Haha!! :o)

As for switching foot... I like your point of view and wish I could see it that easy... Still I have two questionings about doing this:

- It's tricky to switch cuz I can't do it properly in the middle of a tune and keep on playing correctly. Of course I'm not ready for a 4 mn tune, so I can still do it only during my practice sessions and use my right foot for recording or live performance... but is it really a good habit?
- If I feel the need to do it and it's simply because I have not a good position, maybe I'd better improve my position... but for this I'd need advice and I have no teacher here to correct me... so I keep doing it...

Joe Doubleday's experience is very interesting... I understand that it worries most of his teachers, but then again if he really found a good balance, a good way to switch and that he feels better doing it?...

More thoughts guys?

- M

PS: I LOVE large pedals too. Thanks a lot for thinking about it in the design of your instruments! I was so happy when I saw the Premier for sale. It was one of my wishes and I couldn't believe it was as close as what I had dreamed of!!

I use both feet and don't have any problems with things. I especially do it if I have a written line in the top register. I feel like it helps to center my body around the area I'll be playing so I can be more accurate. Some teachers really hate when you switch feet though.

Very interesting testimony. Can you tell us more:
- How did you get to that "method"?
- How do you do it while playing?
- Are you comfortable with it?
- Did you find it tricky when starting?
- How do you deal with your teacher who (I understand it) find it weird?


i heard evelyn glennie uses both foots for pedalling. i have a friend who played a classical concert with her and on the high ranged vibraphon passages she switched pedalling with the left foot he noticed.

i also remember a post by david friedman that one of his students raphael meinhart is using the left foot too if i remember correctly. both are great players :)

as far as i know the musser piper modell has a wide pedal bar so do the vanderplas modells.

Thank you, Vibraman.

This is the video of Gary Burton ( "In Your Quiet Place") using the MUSSER with the extended foot pedal:


that is beautiful.

Que lindo poder hablar de estas cosas !!!

Alguna vez probaste usar el pie izquierdo?
Yo creo que si, pero solo para ver que tal resultaba jeje