Kat-pad training

I have a malletKAT 2 octave Express 6.1, and a 1 octave expander, purchased at different times. The expander is louder, and the top octave of the Express is even softer than it's !st octave. How do I get them in balance? I have followed the instructions on pgs. 54 thru 57 and it doesn't work.


as i remember it's simple.

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Have you considered redoing the process?
1. Global training
2. Group training
3. Individual training.

Is the variation in the values or what you hear?
"Trust your ears and your playing dynamics. The values may look
different from octave to octave, but the response can be the same.
This is because there is a different sensor on each octave (and a
different section of circuitry controlling it). By training each
octave separately, the 128 MIDI velocity response levels should be
about the same. This function dramatically increases the
evenness across the entire malletKAT."

Just some thoughts...


you got the kat down?

Step on the Edit Footswitch, then while the footswitch is down, hit the Global Pad (d natural). Again while the pedal is still down, type in 79 (thats F#-A#). The screen will say Group Training. Follow the directions on the screen.

It will ask you to hit each octave's C natural soft, then hard. This should even out the sensors and make the instrument play evenly.

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None of the solutions offered for this problem are working, and the phone #-977-933-6237 is a non-working phone number.

Have you tried these?

Have you tried these:
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