Deagan Xylorimba

Not sure if this is the right forum to post this question.

I'm considering selling my Deagan Xylorimba, but I'm not sure what it's worth. Ebay prices vary drastically. It's a model 730 with a folding parallelogram stand and factory case. The keys are in good shape, and the resonators are clean with no dents. The post isolators need replacement, and the stand needs new rubber feet. I'm hoping to sell it locally on Craigslist, as it's fairly heavy when packed in its case.

Is anyone here familiar with these or able to point me in the right direction?

I have a Deagan 730 Xylorimba which I bought in 1977; I paid $400.00 for it at the time and considered that a fair price since the instrument was in very good condition, similar to what you describe for the one you plan to sell. Over the years, I have rebuilt the stand and replaced the post insulators with silicone tubing. If I were to sell it today, my minimum asking price would be $1300.00.

You are right that Ebay prices are all over the map, probably reflecting the variability among people selling mallet instruments on that site.

If you want a better sense of the market value, consider looking at the website for Century Mallets in Chicago, The company is essentially the remnants of the J.C. Deagan company, run by Gilberto Serna, who was the last master tuner at Deagan. In fact, Century Mallets occupies the same building that housed the J.C. Deagan company. On the website, you will find a "For Sale" page, which displays a variety of vintage instruments (mostly Deagan, but some Musser, Ross and Jenco) for sale. Although you may not find the exact model you plan to sell, you are sure to see comparable or similar xylophones and marimbas and their respective prices. Gilberto is a an a very reputable and committed person. You might even consider calling him and discussing you question. I've always found him to be a wealth of knowledge and a source of excellent, straight forward information.

Michael DuBick